Luke & Charlie’s Shared Boys Room

Simple Shared Boys Room
Photo: Lorelei Rose Photography

I’m excited to finally share how Luke & Charlie’s new shared bedroom came together! It’s been a work in progress mostly because I underestimated what we actually needed in the new space, but it also took me longer because I didn’t want to rush it and regret the style. We wanted this room to be fairly flexible and a space that could grow with them. We passed on doing a “theme” and kept it pretty minimal for now. I tried to be more intentional with our purchases and made sure I could potentially use certain pieces down the road in another room in the house such as end tables, quilts, and picture frames. Luckily Luke and Charlie do have a lot of shared interests (i.e. books, superheroes, favourite colours) so that made it more fun to shop for and get their input to reflect their personalities.

If you’re new here I’ll share the back story. This room was originally Charlie’s nursery, and when we found out we were expecting our third baby we knew Luke and Charlie would eventually move in together. We wanted some transition time for them to adjust before the baby so we decided to make the move just after Halloween (early November 2020). Luke and Charlie have become extremely close in the last year (thanks to the Pandemic!) and the transition couldn’t have come at a better time. 3 and 5 is such a special age and it’s so sweet to watch them develop individually, and as friends and brothers.

We left Luke’s old room intact in the early days, in case he ever wanted to sleep back in there. Needless to say things are going great! Luke only went back to his old room once in the beginning and hasn’t looked back since. They both LOVE sharing and I think it’s brought them even closer. Bedtime has been the only challenge on certain days and it’s because they either want to battle, jump on the beds, play basketball, switch beds, or Charlie will talk Luke’s ear off when lights go out. It’s pretty adorable to stand outside the door and listen to them wind down from their day.

Photo: Lorelei Rose Photography

As I mentioned, this room took longer to complete than I thought. I slowly added pieces here and there and I wanted to hold off unveiling it until it was pretty much complete. The old me would’ve wanted everything ordered and planned out perfectly before making the move, but I’m learning to just let things go and everything will eventually fall into place. So they actually didn’t have matching bedding for the first 6 weeks and everyone survived. LOL. Here are the details on their beds…

Twin Bed // Quilt // Organic Cotton Sheets // Blankets

The Murol beds from Structube are my favourite pieces in the whole room! They’re a really beautiful design and quality at an excellent price point!! They’re a little lower to the ground, so great for the littles to climb into. The frame is upholstered with soft rounded edges which is also key for little ones who like to bounce around the room. We went with the light grey fabric because we didn’t want the two twin beds to overpower the space. (It’s a decent size room with a walk-in closet and en suite bathroom, but a small window so not a ton of light.)

We left the walls the same colour as Charlie’s nursery – Smokey Green by Benjamin Moore – and moved the IKEA dresser into the closet to make room for the twin beds and end tables. Here are the furniture details and other accessories we added to make it come to life.

Round Drum End Table from HomeSense (similar here) // Black Wall Frame & World Map Print // Square End Table // Book Shelves // Lightening Bolt // ‘Wonderful World’ Plaque // Light Sconces // Drapes // Pom Pom Garland // Basketball Net // Marquee Letter Hooks // Wicker Laundry Basket // Leather Moose Ottoman

My goal was to put together a simple shared boys room at an affordable price! It was important to me that we used a lot of items we already had but the issue was we didn’t have double of things so there were some unforeseen costs in that regard. With kids it’s also easy to have toys everywhere and lots of clutter so I tried my best to stick with a minimal design and keep things tucked away in the closet and clutter-free.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new space. If you have any questions on items in the room, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Happy shopping! xo

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