Eco-Friendly Gifts

This day in age, shopping sustainably should be a top priority but it’s even more important during the holidays. When you’re gifting this season try to take into account what’s practical, what’s appreciated, what will actually be used and loved, and where it will eventually end up. Can it be recycled, composted, entirely used or will it just go in the landfill?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your friend, family member, co-worker, or gift exchange, I’ve broken it down for you and rounded up my top favourite eco-friendly presents. They’re affordable and readily available online or you can check your local eco-store to see what they have in stock.

1.Bamboo Cutlery Travel Set // 2. After the Rain Shampoo & Conditioner Bars // 3. Wild Roots & Co. Face Pads // 4. Biodegradable Makeup Remover Wipes // 5. Dish Block Soap Bar & Sponge Cloth // 6. Facial Sea Sponge // 7. Carryall Tote Bag // 8. Bamboo Toothbrush // 9. Net Bags // 10. 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste // 11. After the Rain Dryer Balls

1.I love these Bamboo Cutlery Travel Sets and picked one up for my Mum’s Christmas stocking this year. Perfect when you’re on the go and want to be conscious about reducing your single-use plastic. Shop them locally at The Apothecary if you’re in YYC or shop it on Amazon.

2. These shampoo and conditioner bars are on my wish list this season from After the Rain. They offer a variety for all different hair types from dry to normal to oily. They’re nourishing and scented with essential oils. You can find these zero waste bars at Market Spot (Chinook & Market Mall), Willow Natural Foods, The Raven’s Room, Nude Market, and Main Street Market in Okotoks.

3. Wild Roots & Co. Face Pads are just another great way to reduce your waste in your daily routine because you can throw them in the wash and use them over and over again. They make the perfect little stocking stuffer and come in handy when using your favourite skincare products. Go pick yours up today from Crafted Shop at the Calgary Farmers’ Market.

4. This pack of Makeup Remover Wipes by Beautycounter are awesome if you want a quick way to wash your face and remove impurities from the day or maybe you like to double cleanse. But, the best part is, the wipes are also biodegradable so you can easily toss them in your home compost bin and not feel guilty about disposing of them. The rest of the package can be recycled. They make a great gift for any woman but also for the traveler or maybe even the camper in your life.

5. Dish Block Soap Bar & Sponge Cloth make a great unique hostess gift this season! No plastic here.

6. Facial Sea Sponges are a nice alternative to cosmetic puffs, pads and facecloths. These sponges are unbleached, so they retain their natural color and will not exfoliate or irritate delicate skin around the eyes. I love using these to blend my makeup and then I have a couple others set aside to exfoliate my face with. Another great stocking stuffer idea!

7. Carryall Tote Bag by La Patria made from recycled polyethylene are the perfect everyday bag. It’s a great size and lightweight bag for running errands, hitting the gym, or taking to the beach. I bought a large tote in the colour Sand this past summer from the Health Hut in Muskoka and used it ALL summer and fall. La Patria bags are carefully handmade making each one unique. They come in a variety of sizes and colours too. These would make the perfect gift for your bestie, Mum, teacher, or boss.

8. Did you know a plastic toothbrush takes 400 years to decompose? Unfortunately they remain in landfills indefinitely that’s why it’s so important to make the swap to a Bamboo Toothbrush. If you need more stocking stuffer ideas this is it!

9. Net Bags has been one of my most asked about products this year. I take these everywhere I go – from the farmers’ market to the grocery store and even the mall. What’s great about them is that they expand so well. Grab a pack of three for the avid shopper in your life! Trust me, they’ll love them! I purchased mine from the Health Hut and the Saskatoon Farm, but you can also find them on Amazon.

10. 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is a fun book with helpful tips and ideas on how to reduce your waste in your day to day life. Makes a great gift for a hostess or friend looking to make some changes in their life.

11. These adorable natural felt wool dryer balls from After the Rain are handmade from sustainably sourced Canadian wool. They’re a great eco-friendly option if you’re looking to reduce your toxic load and need chemical-free laundry options for those with sensitive skin. Each set of three comes in a reusable organic cotton storage bag making them a great gift for a hostess or a fun stocking stuffer. They’re bound to put a smile on anyone’s face (even the littles) and so useful!! Find them at Lemonceillo and Market Spot.

What are your favourite eco-friendly gifts that you’ve found? Tell me in the comments below.

Happy Shopping! xo

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