2019 Back-to-School Favourites to Make Life Easy

2019 Back-to-School Picks!
Need a quick go-to hairstyle this fall? Try using Beautycounter’s Sea Salt Spray for a quick and easy tousled look for back to school.

Let’s be real, driving around shopping for school essentials can be fun but also totally tiring for all parties involved. Growing up, I remember my parent’s taking us on fun road trips from Toronto, Ontario to Buffalo, New York to get our back to school haul because the U.S. always had the best stores and prices. We have so much available online now it kind of takes away from the crazy hustle and bustle. Regardless, parents need a big applause for all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a successful first week back to school.

My little family is still in the preschool stage so we aren’t quite in the thick of it with the lengthy list of “requirements” like specific pens, glue sticks, rulers, and notebooks, etc. but it sure feels surreal to be entering this stage with my boys soon. So this school season I’m sharing my 2019 back-to-school favourites to make life easy and fun, not just for kids but for Mum too! Because sometimes we need a little something extra to get through the school year. 😉

2019 Back to School Favourites

1. Meal Planning App // 2. Eye Cream // 3. Journal // 4. Lunch Bag // 5. Food Chopper // 6. Conditioner Detangler // 7. Unpaper Towel // 8. Pencil Case // 9. Backpack // 10. Elderberry Syrup // 11. Kids Snack Bars // 12. Highlighters // 13. Containers // 14. Fabric Steamer // 15. Sea Salt Texture Spray

With school almost back in session I’m rounding up 15 products that will be a hit either at school or home. Here’s a quick breakdown of why I love them…

  1. Meal Planning App – I’ve been looking for a good meal planning app to get organized for fall and this one was recommended to me by my sister so I’m sharing it in hopes it helps someone else out too! It’s meant for meal planning and creating grocery lists, and what’s cool is it will sync to your partner’s phone so if they pick something up off the list, it will send you a notification and automatically update for you.
  2. Eye Cream – Tired? This eye cream is LIFE for any busy Mum! Since I started using it in August I can already say I’ve been using less concealer to cover up my dark circles. It totally makes your eye area brighter, smoother, and firmer in appearance without the shadows. It doesn’t contain retinal unlike some other anti-aging brands, but it still has the results by using a safer plant-derived alternative called Retinatural Complex.
  3. Journal – How beautiful is this monogram journal? It’s the perfect size, great quality and even makes a great gift!
  4. Lunch Bag – These custom lunch bags, container inserts, and accessories are so cool and are a great way to reduce your waste, carry your lunch in style, and are very durable. You can rest easy knowing that these bags are also non-toxic, non-leaching, safe from BPA, phthalates, and lead. Check them out here and use code FUELYOURADVENTURE25 for 25% off site wide just in time for back to school.
  5. Food Chopper – Great for mincing, chopping, grinding, and blending a variety of ingredients to make meal prep easy.
  6. Conditioner Detangler – Great for all kids hair types to help fight frizz, flyaways, and tangles. This leave-in spray is made with luxurious argan oil, shea butter, jojoba and quinoa proteins to help nourish, detangle and add shine. It doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, or formaldehyde.
  7. Unpaper Towel – Looking to reduce your waste at home? Take a look at Unpaper Towel. I love this stuff. I use my roll in the kitchen for cleaning up spills and even as napkins. The fabric is made from cotton flannel so they’re ideal for rolling and clinging to your paper towel roll. Just toss them in the washer, dryer, and re-roll. Genius.
  8. Pencil Case – When I was in school I remember carrying around the biggest pencil boxes. Not sure what I was thinking but I’m pretty sure it weighed down my backpack more than I (and my Mum) would’ve liked. This cute case fits lots of pens and can easily go wherever you go!
  9. Backpack – Tie-dye is all the rage right now so I couldn’t help but include this crazy backpack. The backpack has cool features like two front pockets, a side pocket for a water bottle, and three large compartments so you can stay organized.
  10. Elderberry Syrup – This syrup was recommended to me at the end of last winter when I was trying to keep my boys from getting sick again and it’s safe to say we’re a fan. I also get the adult version for myself to fight cold and flu season.
  11. Kids Snack Bars – My kids love these snack bars and I’m grateful because they contain clean ingredients without the artificial flavours and sweeteners. And, what’s great is that they’re perfect for school because they’re certified peanut and tree nut free.
  12. Highlighters – Love the design and functionality of these highlighters. Great value and great colours too!
  13. Containers – My favourite nesting containers are ON SALE! Not just for kids but perfect for packing snacks for anyone in the family. The stainless steel containers are leak-proof and they all nest perfectly inside one another so they won’t take up space in your cupboard. Worth every penny.
  14. Fabric Steamer – I totally need this! The hand-held fabric steamer is way faster than ironing. Need to iron school uniforms? This will be a lifesaver.
  15. Sea Salt Texture Spray – The perfect spray for when you don’t want to do much to your hair. It creates beachy waves and enhances curls with Himalayan pink salt and red algae extract. Easy to use on damp or dry hair for a tousled look. I’ve been using it all summer as my quick go-to and I’ll be using it into fall too.

Have I missed anything that you’re liking as a back-to-school favourite? Tell me in the comments below.

Otherwise, that’s all for now. Happy back-to-school shopping! Don’t let it be stressful, let it be fun. 🙂

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