Swimming Lessons with Swim Kids Calgary

Week 1 – Luke (3 yrs old) with Holly, owner of Swim Kids Calgary

If you’re a local parent in Calgary, Alberta looking for “real” swimming lessons for your young children, you need to register with Holly at Swim Kids Calgary. She has been teaching infants and young kids for over 10 years one of the most valuable life skills – swimming.

As an experienced mother of four young children herself, Holly is truly amazing with her approach and style. She will teach your child water safety and recovery, and how to be confident in the water. Lessons are four days per week, Monday to Thursday, for 10 minutes each day and repetition is key for your child’s success. As a parent it was daunting to think about committing to 5+ weeks, 4 days a week JUST for 10 minutes but now I totally get it. We got into a great routine where Luke, my eldest boy, was excited about going to lessons and to see Holly daily and practice. She is extremely patient and kind with children, and also knows their capabilities and isn’t afraid to challenge them in order to improve their skills.

Week 3 – Holly helping Charlie (16 months) master his back float 

For the record, these classes won’t involve sing-song and blowing bubbles. With 5+ weeks of survival swim lessons your child will actually submerge under water, find the surface, float unassisted, roll over in the water, learn breath control and how to find the edge of the pool among other skills. We had tried other swim classes and schools and, believe me when I say, your child will actually come out of Holly’s lessons mastering the basics of survival swimming and floating with confidence. Before I enrolled the boys in Holly’s swim school, Luke was actually taking private swim lessons with another local company – every Friday for 30 minutes. What he accomplished at the end of week 1 with Holly was leaps and bounds ahead of the 8 consecutive weeks of lessons ($350) with a different swim school. I wish I had booked with Holly originally and saved that other money. 

Swimming Lessons with Swim Kids Calgary
Week 3 – Holly teaching Charlie (16 months) to roll.

What’s also great is Holly will teach parents how to properly swim with their young children based on what she has taught them in the program. I got in four times total over the course of five full weeks, and I’m glad I did! The boys were so excited to see me in the water and excited to show off their skills. Plus it’s more realistic to have one parent in the water because at the end of the day, you’re the one with your kids on vacation, at the lake, during bath time, at pool parties, etc. It’s important for parent’s to learn how to support their child in the water and encourage them to swim. Holly talks all about the three P’s – Practice, Patience, Praise!

Week 5 (Final Week) – Luke in clothes (shoes+jacket) pushing off from the steps and swimming to Holly.

So here are all the details: 
How much are lessons? $495/child (And, let me tell you, the lessons were worth every penny. My husband and I would pay anything to make sure our children learned the basic fundamentals of swimming.)
What is the schedule like? Weekly/daily lessons run Monday through Thursday for 10 minutes each day. (I signed up for the 11am timeslot and it was perfect. On preschool days, we went straight after Luke’s class and were home by noon.)
How long are lessons? Holly says lessons can run anywhere from 5-7 weeks long, but typically most children finish in that five week timeframe. It depends on the child and their age, every child is different. Holly will work with your child until she feels confident in their ability to float unassisted, roll over, find the pool edge, hold their breath under water, etc. (My two boys, Luke (3yrs) & Charlie (16 months at the time), finished at the end of the fifth week session.)
Where are lessons held? At the Super 8 Hotel in Shawnessy (60 Shawville Road SE).
Are lessons private? Yes, Holly only works with one child at a time for 10 minutes. You will see parents and children coming before and after you. It can be fun to sit on the sidelines and watch/cheer on other kids which helps buildup the confidence in your own child. (On days where I got in the water with the boys, Holly had all three of us in the water for 20 minutes, but our class time was never shared with other students.
Do you have to practice outside of lessons? During the 5+ weeks of classes Holly doesn’t expect you to take your kids swimming on top of her lessons. The consecutive four day lessons are good enough, but she always encourages families to swim together when you can. 
What is if my child forgets what they learned after the 5+ weeks of lessons? Holly offers ‘Family Swim Friday’s’ from 9:30-11am for her students. She does not teach during this time but she oversees parents swimming with their kids. Cost is $10 for drop-in or $40 for a 5x pass. It’s a great opportunity to stay on track and practice. Holly also offers ‘Refresher Classes’ which are great before a vacation or summer break. Contact her for details and availability.

Week 5 – Charlie submerging with his clothes on.
Week 5 – Charlie finding the surface and floating with his clothes on.

If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for survival swim lessons, definitely do it! You won’t regret it and your kids will have a great time and learn so much. Plus you will have peace of mind when you’re in water environments with your children.

Hopefully I’ve answered all of your questions. If you want to see some fun, cool videos of the boys in action, come follow me on Instagram and check out my highlights called – Survival Swim. I showcase their whole journey from week 1 to 5.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will try and answer them. 🙂

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