August: What’s in my cart?

Ah! I can’t believe we’re halfway through SEPTEMBER which means I’m late sharing everything that I picked up in August. Sorry, guys! Things have been busy over here getting into a new fall routine (which includes my new evening workout regimen but I’ll save that for another time). We were away for most of August so I didn’t actually do much shopping since I was in cottage mode but with back-to-school and the start of a new season, I grabbed a few things that I want to share. So let’s get to it…


  1. Stasher Silicone Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bag – I had never heard of Stasher until popping into Pottery Barn Kids last month but I couldn’t resist these sandwich bags. Stasher teamed up with PBK to come out with a fun line for children. The star print bags make packing and eating snacks way more fun! If you don’t know about Stasher bags I’ll fill you in. They are made of silicone (NOT plastic) and are airtight and easy to seal when you’re on the go. I’ve been packing Luke’s preschool snack in them and he has no problem opening or resealing it which is a plus. They’re also lightweight, reusable, and easy to clean. You can put Stasher bags in the freezer or on the stove top, microwave and dishwasher. (Although, I’ll be honest, I don’t like to put mine in the microwave or the dishwasher.) If you don’t have one, you need one. A few other places carry them in different styles like Indigo,, Walmart, MEC, and Amazon
  2. Chelsea King Scrunchie – Chelsea King had a 15% off sale for August long weekend and I jumped at the opportunity to pick one up! I chose the chic Tan from her Panama collection and I wear it daily either around the house, washing my face, or running errands. It’s the perfect gift for your girlfriend! I want ALL the fabulous patterns they carry, you seriously can’t go wrong. And yes, this is the scrunchie brand you see Jillian Harris rocking! She has such great taste, doesn’t she?
  3. Banza Chickpea Pasta – We did a huge Costco run in August when we got back from the cottage and we couldn’t resist buying this gluten-free, vegan pasta made from chickpeas! I find it nice and filling because it offers way more protein than your regular pasta but doesn’t make you feel bloated or lethargic after eating a bowl. This is now a staple in our pantry. It’s great paired with pesto and grilled vegetables.
  4. Williams-Sonoma Grill Prep Trays – I technically bought these in July but gifted them to my in-laws as part of a cottage gift that I put together when we visited. They’re awesome if you’re into barbequing. You keep the raw meat on the red tray and the cooked meat on the black tray. They stack nicely, wash well, are durable, and don’t hold onto odours or leave any residue behind the way some cutting boards and trays do. Now I just need to grab some for our house. 😉
  5. Inchbug Orbit Labels – Getting Luke all ready for preschool has been SO fun. From shopping for clothes to school supplies and lunches, now comes the time to label everything! Eeek. I found this company out of the U.S. and what drew me in was their awesome monogrammed rubber bands that you can put on your child’s water bottle. Genius. I grabbed a 4 pack of their classic Orbit Labels for Luke and Charlie, Tagpal clothing labels, and adhesive circle labels for school supplies. They’ve been such a hit and are great quality. I’m confident they’re going to hold up and all these labels are way cuter than using a plain old Sharpie.
  6. Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair – The PBK kids chairs are so adorable and cozy for your little one! I bought the “regular” size chair and it’s actually the perfect size for your child to hangout on in the playroom or in their bedroom. Luke has one already that’s a couple years old and now Charlie has one in the Madras pattern. I waited until PBK had 20% off and then bought it in-store making it much more affordable.
  7. STATE Lunch Box – I found the perfect sized lunch box for Luke to use at preschool at HomeSense for $14.99. I love the STATE brand because they’re all about giving back! For every bag purchased, STATE provides a backpack to a child in need filled with materials they need for success.
  8. Fundy Treasures Nautical Wooden Buoys – When we were visiting Chester, Nova Scotia we popped into a gift shop and found these locally made wooden buoys in a variety of colours. We thought they would be perfect for the boys’ bathroom to remind them of the east coast with a little nautical touch. I believe they were $8 each for the medium size. When we are away visiting other towns it’s always fun to shop local and handmade, and teach the boys about supporting the community.
  9. FW1 Cleaning Wax – I found this car wax in a pop-up tent at a local plaza in Calgary this summer. They were doing demonstrations in the parking lot and this young woman offered to get the tar off of my Jeep. I couldn’t believe how well the wax worked on the doors and even the windows leaving them streak-free and protected from fingerprints. She said I could also use it on all my windows in the house which I’ve yet to do because right now I like all the little fingerprints from my boys. 🙂
  10. Dehydrated Beet Chips – I’ve always had a love for beets and chips so put the combo together and BAM! I don’t own a dehydrator so the fact that I can grab a bag of these from Costco for $11.99 to get my fix is really convenient. They’re crunchy and hardy but they’re not salty like regular chips. I will mention the boys in my house do not like them but I think they’re good, especially dipped in cashew dill cream. Yum!
  11. Baby Jogger Glider Board – My husband and I had been on the fence for a while as to whether or not we should get the glider board for our stroller but we did it and we aren’t looking back. It took a little getting used to at first. It definitely makes the stroller heavier to push and to fold up and lift in to the car by about a few pounds. So that’s annoying. I also find my cupholder/stroller pouch has to come off so that Luke can stand comfortably between the handlebar and Charlie’s seat. And, sometimes my stride connects with the glider board so I have to take shorter steps in order to not hit it. Ok, after all this negative feedback you might think I would say don’t get it but I’m actually so glad we did buy it. It’s really handy when I’m running into one store and I want Luke to keep up and Charlie to sit. Or if we go for a walk and Luke wants to “walk” but can’t make the whole trip. He has a blast riding on it so no regrets there! I just think it could have been better designed.
Wooden Buoys by Fundy Treasures

Happy Shopping! Hoping you like the selection from August.

Tell me what you’re looking for in the comments below!

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