Shopping Online with Target in Canada

Shopping online with Target

Target Lovers,

Here’s the scoop that you’ve all been waiting for. In July I placed my first online order through Target’s international site and today I am finally sharing my experience about the whole process. But first, let’s take a little trip down memory lane…

In 2011, Canada received the best news when Target announced its expansion beyond the United States. Finding out that the huge American retailer would be taking over old Zellers store locations was a dream come true until the whole experience was very short lived with 133 locations closing almost as quickly as they opened. Needless to say, I was devastated by the news. I was a loyal shopper for the two years they were here and, in my opinion, although the shelves were never fully stocked it was still better than no Target at all. Soon after closing their doors in 2015 Target launched their international website for Canadians to shop the brand. Just this past July I saw a promotion taking place between Borderfree and Target so I decided to take the plunge and place an order.

Shopping online with TargetI signed up for a Borderfree account (totally worth it!!) a couple years ago and I checked off the box to receive weekly newsletters from them. For Canada Day long weekend I saw that Borderfree sent out an email with a special promotion taking place with Target for no duty. I quickly went to the Borderfree website, logged into my account, clicked on storesTarget, and then it automatically directed me to Target’s international site to start shopping.

Shop Smart Tip:

If you like to shop internationally you should definitely sign up for a Borderfree account asap. It’s a great way to watch for deals from your favourite stores, save on duty and shipping, and extra peace of mind when tracking your packages!

Ok, let’s talk about Target’s international website for a second, including the pros and cons, and hopefully I can answer some of your questions along the way.


  • Everything is listed in Canadian dollars which is extremely helpful to see the conversion and what you’re actually paying. Personally, I found the prices totally reasonable.
  • Duties and taxes are calculated for you at checkout when you enter your personal information and address. (For this specific order I was not charged any duty because of the promotion they had on for the long weekend.)
  • They offer guaranteed landed costs which means no additional surprises on your doorstep when your package(s) arrives.
  • There is SO much selection…


  • Because there is so much selection it makes it very overwhelming to shop unless you know what you’re looking for or you’re familiar with the brands.
  • The site is very slow.
  • It’s not great at accepting keyword searches.
  • They list a lot of products that aren’t available for international shipping. So why even catalogue it on the international site?

After making my selections I proceeded to the checkout and the duty was automatically excluded, tax was about $10, and the shipping came to $40. It said shipping would take between 10-15 business days but it actually ended up taking close to 20 business days by the time I received everything. (Luckily I wasn’t in a rush for anything.) I wasn’t prepared to receive multiple packages but I guess some items shipped from different stores so I ended up getting about 4 packages total. Everything was accounted for but the packaging was disappointing. A couple things weren’t even folded and they were scrunched up and looked like they had been thrown into the box.

Here is a roundup of the items I bought if you’re interested. I’m so pleased with all of my purchases; everything worked out and I’d recommend all of them if you’re looking for some basics and a random cow print banner. 🙂  

My Target style and purchases

  1. Cat & Jack Boys Henley Gray T-shirt
  2. Cat & Jack Boys Denim Shorts
  3. Cat & Jack Boys Boxer Briefs – Camouflage
  4. Universal Thread – Women’s Jupiter Cross Band Slide Sandals
  5. Goodfellow & Co. – Men’s Standard Fit Short Sleeve Gray V-Neck T-shirt
  6. Goodfellow & Co. – Men’s Standard Fit Short Sleeve Navy V-Neck T-shirt
  7. Cat & Jack Boys Striped Navy T-shirt
  8. Cat & Jack Boys Gray Pocket Tee
  9. Cat & Jack Boys Navy Chino Shorts
  10. Cow Print Pennant Banner
  11. A New Day – Women’s Kyrielle Slide Sandals – Yellow
  12. Goodfellow & Co. – Men’s Standard Fit Short Sleeve Crew Neck Pocket Tee – Orchid Leaf 

Shopping online with Target

Shopping online with Target

So, the question is, would I online shop with Target again? The short answer is yes but I don’t see myself doing it that frequently. Maybe like once or twice a year and I would wait until Borderfree and Target have a deal going on to save either on duty or shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Super helpful and good to know when shopping internationally. Oh how I miss target. At least it’s available online for us still!

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