My Closet Makeover with IKEA Canada

My Closet Makeover with IKEA

Today I’m talking all about my closet makeover with IKEA Canada; everything from the size of our walk-in closet to what we purchased and how much it cost. Here’s a little back story on how we ended up working on this home project…

At the beginning of January, our family popped into IKEA one Sunday afternoon to brainstorm ideas for our new mudroom; however, things slightly got derailed once I realized there was a big wardrobe event taking place. All wardrobes were 15% off. We decided to put the mudroom on hold and focus on reorganizing our closet so that we could improve the space.

Our house was built with standard wire shelves in all the closets so it had been a dream of mine to redo our master walk-in closet first. Going into it I knew it couldn’t be over the top feminine because it’s a space that both my husband and I share on a daily basis. We wanted it white and bright so that the space would feel bigger. And, our main focus was function and order.

Here are a few before pictures:

My Closet Makeover with IKEA

Our closet dimensions are: 87″ x 73″. When we first moved in to this house we added the popular IKEA KALLAX cubes for storage so that it would buy us some time before we could afford a total closet overhaul.

Here are some pictures once the units were installed:

My Closet Makeover with IKEA

We used a combination of PAX wardrobe frames (+ 2 corner units) and KOMPLEMENT drawers and accessories to build the entire look. It was approximately $700 for the frames and then $675 for the shelves, rods, hooks, and drawers that you see in the photos above. Our grand total was about $1,375 CDN.

We contemplated going with the white stained oak look but thought the white would be much brighter in a smaller space and it would be more timeless. Wood trends change so often that I feared the white stained oak could look dated in a few years.

Here are some of the pieces we purchased:

And here is the final reveal:

My Closet Makeover with IKEA
One of the narrow PAX frames we bought for behind the closet door so that we could maximize space in every corner and wall. I hang my robes here and plan out my outfits for the following day.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
This is the deeper PAX frame holding my husband’s clothes. It’s a nice transition between the two depths.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Pull-out tray and accessories divider. Great for sunglasses, belts, ties, watches, etc.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
The shelves are adjustable and awesome for holding stacks of sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, handbags and hats. I filled that basket on the top shelf with scarves.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Where I keep my casual clothes like cardigans, vests, denim/plaid shirts, blazers, and jackets.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Overview of the split between the top rod, jewelry and accessory pull-out trays, and pant rack.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Pull-out drawer with jewelry divider. Very handy to sort and display all your pieces.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Lots of storage compartments for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches.
My Closet Makeover with IKEA
Pant rack can hold up to 4 pants per individual rung.

My Closet Makeover with IKEA

I can’t thank my husband enough for making this closet come to life! He removed all the old shelves and assembled the new units in under a week while working full-time. It’s been so enjoyable getting dressed every day in this little room. I’m actually putting my clothes away on a regular basis because everything officially has a home.

Our closet will forever be a work in progress because I want to stay on top of donating clothes and letting go of material things. I also want to make this dressing room a bit more personal with prints and pictures and some other odds and ends. So stay tuned in the coming months on how I do that.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the mini makeover. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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