5 Easy Decorating Tips for Spring

I absolutely love decorating my home for each season. With spring in the air and Easter just around the corner, I thought I’d share my 5 easy decorating tips for spring that can make a big impact in your home.

  1. Add a Spring Wreath to the Front Door
    The easiest and quickest way to decorate for spring is by adding a wreath to your front door. It’s such a pleasant way for your guests to be greeted and to warm up the entrance to your home.

I recently just tossed out a couple of my old spring wreaths from general wear and sun dye, so this year I was on the hunt for a wreath under $50. I decided to go simple and classic with a white coloured wreath that I picked up from Winners for $29.99 CAD. My ‘Welcome’ wreath hanger is from Target.

Shop Smart Tip: I try not to spend over $50 on a wreath unless it’s something I can’t stop thinking about. But as you know from previous posts…I’m not a huge DIYer either. So much respect to those who buy all the supplies and craft a masterpiece. When purchasing a wreath, my go-to locations are: HomeSense ($), Winners ($), Canadian Tire ($), and Crate & Barrel ($$$). When Target was in Canada…obviously it was my first and only stop.

Some of the spring wreaths out there are so beautiful but just aren’t made to withstand our climate. I find it tricky to find one that will work daily and not fade over the course of 4 months or so. My suggestion would be to flip your front door wreath from the outside to the inside of your door, to give it a break. (E.g. before you’re expecting guests you can always flip it to the outside so that they enjoy it first when approaching your door. When you don’t plan to have someone over that day just bring it inside so that you can enjoy it! I find this takes the pressure off of trying to keep it clean and bright looking.)

decorating tips for spring

decorating tips for spring

2.    Bring the Outside In with a Wreath
Using wreaths indoors can provide a nice accent to a bare space. Whether you place one over a mirror, hang one in the window, prop it up on a mantel, or over a range hood it can make such a difference. I’ve repurposed my Christmas CANVAS Cedar Blueberry Wreath from Canadian Tire ($36.99 CAD) that you see on my range hood below. Since the greens aren’t too dark and it has some frosted berries in it I thought it worked well for spring too!

decorating tips for spring

decorating tips for spring

3.    Add a Pendant Banner for Character
Add some fun to any room with a pendant banner. You can string it in a doorway, over a fireplace, around a teepee play tent, or even in a window. I found this cute carrot banner from HomeSense for $9.99 CAD this season and it’s the perfect way to add a touch of Easter to Luke’s playroom without having to make a banner myself. I’ve linked to some other cute ones here, herehere and here. Or you could try making your own out of a few bundles of this carrot trio.

spring decorspring decor 4.    Bring Spring to the Table in Two Ways
Having a little décor on the kitchen table for each season other than just a table runner can really make it festive. As a family of three, we usually eat at our kitchen island so it’s not a hassle to keep the table decorated because I don’t really have to keep moving it.

Here are a few pictures of how I have it styled before I change it out for an Easter brunch table setting… spring decorspring decorspring decor

Table Details: Table Runner – Williams-Sonoma (clearance bin < $20 CAD) // CANVAS Cedar Blueberry Garland – Canadian Tire // White Bunny Egg Holders (similar herehere, here, and here) // Greenvine Basket – Pottery Barn ($14.99 CAD on sale @ Chinook Mall) // Beaded Easter Eggs – Pottery Barn (similar here)


In order to get this look, I walked around my house and grabbed what I thought would work to make a pretty table setting. For example, the napkins are just some paper ones that I had leftover from Valentine’s Day and say ‘Love’ but I thought I could use them up for Easter. The dinnerware, glasses, silverware, and candlesticks are things I registered for when I got married six years ago. I went simple and classic because I thought it would take me further in the long run. The garland on the table is actually my Christmas garland which I’ve repurposed so that I could add some greenery to the table.

spring decor

spring decor

spring decor

spring decor

Easter Brunch Table Details: Calvin Klein Wild Blossom Placemats – HomeSense ($19.99 CAD) // CANVAS Cedar Blueberry Garland – Canadian Tire // Stainless Steel Charger Plate – Crate & Barrel // Grand Hotel II Flatware Set – Crate & Barrel // Fenix Stemless White Wine Glasses – Pier 1 // Hip White Wine Glasses – Crate & Barrel // Dinnerware Collection – Crate & Barrel (similar here) // Bunny Bowl by Cathy Harris – Potters Pleasure // Beaded Easter Eggs – Pottery Barn (similar here) // ‘Love’ Paper Napkins – Winners ($4.99 CAD)

5.    Dress Up the Mantel The mantel is the perfect place to showcase seasonal décor. I start by shopping my own cabinets and closets to see what I can use from other seasons and restyle. I always make sure the décor I incorporate represents us as a family. I love pastels so I knew I wanted to use soft colours and make it playful with cute props for Luke to look at…like the speckled eggs and stuffed bunny.

spring decor spring decorspring decorspring decor

Mantel Details: Square Candlesticks – Tiffany & Co. // Gold Egg – HomeSense ($12.99 CAD) // Silver & Gold Frame – Pottery Barn // Speckled Eggs – HomeSense ($9.99 CAD) (similar here) // Bunny – HomeSense ($12.99 CAD) // Easter Sign – HomeSense ($2.99 CAD) // Hyacinth – Real Canadian Superstore ($11.99 CAD) // Black Pot – Target (similar here)

Hope some of these ideas help set up your space for spring!! Remember – use what you have first, then go shop to fill in the holes if you need to. Hoppy Easter Shopping!

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