Shop Your Own Closet for Valentine’s Day

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear for a special occasion yet you have a closet full of clothes? Well, I guarantee you probably have a great outfit that you already own in your drawers or on the racks, and you don’t need to buy anything to impress your special Valentine this year. I’m sharing this post as a little inspiration for you to shop your own closet for Valentine’s Day.

I find magazines, TV shows, and social media to be so overwhelming because we’re constantly feeling pressure to improve our look and buy the “it” bag or shoes this season. I don’t know about you but this can get quite costly. And, more importantly, where is everyone storing all these outfits??? I’m here to tell you that it’s socially acceptable to wear something from 10 seasons ago. Promise.

Before I decide what I’m going to wear for any date, I think about these few things…

  1. What’s the weather like?
  2. What is the outing?
  3. Do I need to buy anything or can I make do with what I have?

I’ve pulled together 3 sample looks from my own closet that work for a Valentine’s date! Take a look…


Casual VDay Attire_Runners

Casual VDay Attire_Booties

Casual VDay Attire_Slouchy Boots

Shop Smart Tip: Go with a low key outfit if you’re grabbing a burger and going to the movies for Valentine’s Day! Throw on a pair of jeans, a comfy t-shirt, and a cute bomber or leather jacket. Anything will work; less is more!

FYI…I’m not really a handbag person, shoes are more my thing. I have like 4-5 handbags that I rotate…not including my trusty diaper bag. And these days, when I go out without my diaper bag, I’m known for throwing my keys, cards, and lip balm in my pockets.


Business Casual VDay_Black Heels

Business Casual VDay_Black Booties

Business Casual VDay_Brown Booties

Shop Smart Tip: If you’re going for a nice dinner and entertainment show (concert, theatre, chef tasting dinner, etc.) you may want to dress up a bit more. If you have a silk blouse (print or plain), dressy jeans or dark pants, and shoes you’re comfortable in…that will do the trick!


LBD_Leather Jacket_Heels

LBD_B/W Jacket_Heels

Shop Smart Tip: Everyone should own a little black dress in their closet. If you invest in one higher priced LBD that will hold up through the years it will take you miles. Change it up with your jacket, shoes, accessories, and bags. You can create about 10 outfits from one dress.

My suggestion? Pick out a classic LBD that is simple in style so you can change the look easily with each wear and it won’t look dated.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

Ps. In the coming weeks, I will be writing a more in depth post about how to go through your closet and match outfits together.

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