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Brooklyn BridgeI am from a family of three girls; shopping wasn’t just important in our household, it was a way of life. From the time I was a little girl we would all hop into our family’s blue GMC Suburban and hit the Canada/US border from Toronto for a shopping extravaganza. Whether we were off to New York, Vermont, Florida, Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, or Utah, my mum would pack a cooler full of our favourite food, my dad would have his latest mix tape ready, and we would head out on a fun family vacation or quick weekend getaway to the States.

Storey Wilkins Photography
Storey Wilkins Photography

My dad is a very patient and generous man. With a house or car full of women it was non-stop Wilson Phillips, Ace of Base, and if my older sisters would let me…I’d play the Spice Girls on r-e-p-e-a-t. He was lucky if he got to crank Phil Collins, Rick Astley, or Rod Stewart for a portion of the trip.

Storey Wilkins Photography
Storey Wilkins Photography

When we were really young my parents would make a point at stopping at every Toys ‘R Us along the way so that we could have the latest Barbie and all her accessories, or a new Nintendo. As we got older it became a car-game to scout out and shop all the outlet malls we could find before we made it to our destination. When we arrived at a mall, we piled out, had meeting spots, set timers, and – go! My dad would move with us from store to store, waiting outside on the bench while us girls did our thing.

Back in the 80’s and 90s, shopping in the U.S. was so great because Canada didn’t have nearly the amount of American retailers that it does today. It was always such a treat to go to Limited Too, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Express, and our favorite department stores like Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. I loved coming back to Toronto where I’d anxiously await a “Friday $1 Grub Day” at school so I could swap out my uniform for my latest A&F ensemble.

This is where my love for shopping began. I became the family shopper and planner. As the youngest I was soon running my sisters’ show…ok, maybe my family’s. Things shifted and I became their personal shop guide. It was fun for me to develop shopping strategies that would save all of us time and money. It always came easy for me to shop the latest trends, mix the old with the new, FIND A DEAL, and evolve certain pieces whether for the home or wardrobe.

I am the girl that still has certain pieces in her closet from 15 years ago.

While on maternity leave this past year, I decided to take my passion, put it to some good use, and create a little digital space called – The Shop Guide. Building The Shop Guide has given me the opportunity to have a creative outlet. It’s a place to share and express all consumer-driven ideas with more than just immediate family and friends.

Now instead of responding to endless late night panic texts about “what should I take to my friend’s Labor Day BBQ” or “I have nothing to wear to my work Christmas party AND it’s this weekend”, I started this blog as an online guide and resource that will help solve shopping challenges that so many of us face. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for all life occasions, revamping a room in the house, sprucing up your office, or making a few seasonal updates to your wardrobe…this is the place for you.

Feel free to follow along and happy reading!

[Oh, and p.s. – I don’t want to seem like we were just a family full of materialistic shoppers. We also did plenty of skiing, swimming, tennis, hiking, (Greek) dancing, eating, history tours, and visited museums on these trips too which I’m forever grateful for! My parents always made sure to expose us to different activities and cultures that has shaped the lifestyle I lead today.]

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